Manners Housing Foundation


Most people are not aware that college students without family or parental support are often unable to find affordable housing while working for minimum wage even with the help of financial aid. In fact, up to 17% of community and state college student populations have experienced homelessness at least once in the past year, according to The Hope Center, the nation’s leading research group on this issue.


2021-2022 Housing Program Planning

During our first year of operation we consulted with students, college administrators, housing providers, fundraisers, and more to solidify our program plan and budget. Our plan is to raise funding that will enable us to provide housing for individual college students who are reportedly homeless for a maximum of six semesters in a lifetime, including summer semesters (a maximum of 24 months in a lifetime).

The plan will also include:

  • Free laundry facility on location
  • Financial counseling three times a semester
  • Weekly check-ins with a Mentor
  • Opportunities to build a portfolio to apply to universities or employment
  • Meeting with an Exiting Counselor