Feeding Tampa Bay

SUNRAISING GOAL: 100,000 Meals ($20,000)

Because Food Makes Tomorrow Possible

Food is more than just a meal on a plate. When we share food around a table, we can begin to break the cycle of hunger and reimagine new possibilities. Consistent access to nutritious food enables students to excel, parents to focus on their livelihoods, and seniors to maintain a healthy life.



Food for Today

Our community’s needs are ever-changing and Feeding Tampa Bay is implementing new, innovative solutions to bring meals to all those in need. With grocery distributions at bus stations, food pantries on school campuses, and other forward-thinking applications, we ensure anyone in need of immediate access to food or resources can find them.

Food for Tomorrow

Leveraging every interaction around food, Feeding Tampa Bay convenes resources and connects our neighbors to long-term stability. From our SNAP benefit outreach efforts at our Trinity Cafe’s to prescriptions for health food bags at medical clinics, we break barriers in access to healthy food choices like cost, mobility, and transportation.


Food for a Lifetime

Our mission stretches beyond providing food and into self-sustainability. In collaboration with our community partners, our FRESHforce program offers students technical skills and hands-on experience across different industries – breaking the cycle of hunger by acting as a stepping stone into the workforce. This access to financial assistance and employment opportunities can close the income gap and promote long-term stability.


The Causes of Hunger

Hunger affects everyday people, every day. Most people live paycheck to paycheck and financial safety nets are not a guarantee. Losing a job during an economic downturn could mean choosing between feeding your family or paying this month’s rent. Hurricane damage to a home might mean choosing repairs over groceries. The unexpected can drastically alter someone’s circumstances – and Feeding Tampa Bay is here to help.


Let’s End Hunger

With community support and consistent action, we can boost access to food and effectively end hunger in our community. Become a part of the movement and a catalyst for change by bringing food to those in need and using your voice to activate friends and family on the fringe of our mission. By working together, we can create a hunger-free Tampa Bay.