Bexley Elementary School – Florida


Bexley Elementary is in need of a second playground to handle the 1100+ students we care for every day. With a fundraising goal of $25,000, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Bexley SunRaising Group Purchase with our new Paw Partner: Movement Solar.

Transform  Solar will be donating $500 for every home that makes the switch to solar energy, and those funds will go directly to helping Bexley build the new playground. SunRaising build partner Transform Solar ( and has established SunRaising Group Pricing for all Bexley families to take advantage of. It’s a perfect WIN-WIN!

This SunRaising program is a great way to help our community, our planet, and our school. The experts at Transform Solar will be leading a series of SunRaising Power Hour information sessions in the coming weeks to educate the Bexley families on solar energy and it’s benefits.

If you’re interested in a complimentary solar assessment, please contact Jason (Bexley Bulldog Parent too!) at 813.803.2988 or fill out the form below.

Be sure to mention BEXLEY SUNRAISING.